Note to reader:  The Cosmic 7 are less like laws and more like channels on a river... you can guide your path by knowing which channel to cross into.  For the purpose of distinction however, we shall call them laws.

The Cosmic 7


Vibrations have laws, and these laws are immutable.  They will happen.  Ignorance of the laws does not preclude you from the results of the laws.  There are many laws, but the ones that you need to know which will facilitate the most beneficial change in your life are the cosmic seven.


1 Law of Attraction:


The law of Attraction states that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside of yourself, not just through motivation, but by other means. The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn.  If your thoughts are positive, then you will manifest positive outcomes.


2 Law of Cause and Effect:


The law of Cause and Effect states that everything happens for a reason.  All actions have subsequent consequences and produces specific results.  Even the process of inaction creates a result, because the Law of Cause and Effect is not static, it is constantly in motion, something is perpetually happening.  The choices we make are causes, whether they are conscious or unconscious, and will produce corresponding outcomes or effects.



3 Law of Conviction:


When you believe in something with absolute conviction, then you expect it to be reality.  Thus, your will creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.


4 Law of Control:


The Law of Control states that our positive outlook remains positive so long as we feel that we are in control of our own lives. When we are emotionally, mentally and physically controlling what happens in our lives, then this naturally leads to greater achievement, emotional satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.  When we feel we are not in control of the changes in our lives, it more often than not leads to stress, anxiety, frustration and misery.


5 Law of Correspondence:


The Law of Correspondence tells us that our outer world is nothing more than a reflection of our inner world - as within, so without.  Nothing is more self-perpetuating than the Law of correspondence.  For this law shows us that our outer world is a mirror of our inner world, and if your outer world is miserable then so to will your inner world become more stricken with misery.  It takes both the Law of Conviction and Expectation as well as the Law of Control to over power the negative cycle of the Law of Correspondence.  Changes must begin within you if you want your outer world to prosper.


6 Law of Expectations:


The Law of Expectations states that whatever we expect, with confidence, becomes reality.  What we expect from those around us determines our attitude towards those people, and through the Law of Attraction we are for the most part surrounded by people places and things that reflect our expectations.  Through the Law of Expectations, our conviction towards an outcome becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you firmly believe and expect positive things towards yourself or someone else, eventually positive things will blossom.  Conversely, if you firmly believe and expect negative things, that too will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


7 Law of Faith and Belief:


Perhaps one of the most misunderstood laws of the seven, the Laws of Faith and Belief.  If you do not have faith you can't believe, and if you don't believe no matter how much light you have shining in your eyes you will never see what is right in front of you staring you in the face.  Faith and Belief walk hand in hand.  It is an integral part of your paradigm, it dictates you ability to accept new concepts and ideas, it allows you to progress and move forward.  Lack of faith and belief is self limiting.  It bottles you up in a quiet little corner and restricts your movements spiritually, mentally and physically.  You need absolute clarity when you have faith and from your faith blooms belief; out of belief spouts action, because you will both consciously and subconsciously do the things necessary to affirm your beliefs.


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