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Soaralis; Legends & Lore

Soaralis is the world in which the novel

"CHAMORHYN" is based..


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Soaralis; Legends & Lore

When you visit Soaralis, you will be introduced to a world rich with characters and adventures.  You will embark on an endless and diverse journey that will challenge your perspective of reality.  Soaralis is filled with horrors unimagined, romance unmatched as well as fantasy and intrigue.  Follow your favorite characters as they struggle with the balance of good versus evil, right versus wrong and everything in-between.






WHAT is Paradigm Compass?  It is an expression of enlightenment.

It is a way of life founded in the belief that we are all connected.


    As we work to bring your creations to life, we are also working towards bringing our own creations to life.  Soaralis is a huge universe connected astrally to this universe.

    Soaralis has many races; languages and cultures.  Not only do we strive to bring all that forward, we also wish to create movies, animations and graphic novels based on the characters within this world.


    We also welcome fan fiction and will host your writings on our website as well as fan art.


    "Your thoughts are the fuel that powers your life..."

    What is an Aura and how does this affect my paradigm compass?

    Contrary to many beliefs, everything living, dead, animate or inanimate emits an aura.  Everything that exists is composed of energy, energy emits an electromagnetic field.  Some electromagnetic fields are easier to detect than others.  The Aura of a human is called the Human Energy Field (HEF)

    The Human Aura consists of several layers emitting from the body in the shape of a traditional egg.

    Your way of thinking, your attitude, your belief systems, your feelings, they all emit from your body through your aura.  Your aura is like a peacock flashing its tail feathers trying to attract a mate.  Not only are you attracting people who have similar aura's, but you are also sending a message out to the universe through your aura in the form of vibrations and waves saying, "This is how I am," and the universe will say great let me reward you by reinforcing you as you are..



    Everything is energy, and energy is either a wave or particle.  Everything vibrates, everything has a frequency.  So how does this affect you?  You are a part of everything.  You resonate, vibrate, you are in harmony and discord.  You attract and repel.  You are a force of the universe.  So is it any wonder that when you resonate a negative energy that you will attract negative energy?  Don't limit your view of energy thinking it is only one thing or the other.  Energy is everything!  It's your attitude, it's where you focus your attention, it's kinetic or potential EVERYTHING.


    "No matter the circumstance; no matter the situation, no matter who is involved, the choice is always yours."


    Attune:  In order to align oneself with the universe, one must learn to create a lifestyle symphony.  The first and easiest thing you can do to bring yourself closer to alignment is to open your mouth slightly, taking in a deep breath, then bringing your teeth slightly into contact and hum.  This will create a vibration.  Slide your vocal range up and down until you feel the vibration reverberating through-out your body.  This is your physical bodies harmonic tone.


    The next thing to do is attune yourself to the vibration of the Earth.  This is achieved by placing yourself in an ALPHA state.  The quickest and easiest way is to "trick" your mind into entering the state through focus and steady breathing.

    Sit in a quiet yet visually busy area.  Take deep steady breaths.  Ensure that your belly expands outward instead of your chest.  With your back straight, stare at an object at least 10 feet away.  Do not turn your head, remain concentrating on your breathing.


    Now, while concentrating on your breathing and maintaining focus on the 1st object, and without shifting your focus identify clearly two peripheral objects.


    Repeat until you have in your focus 7 objects.


    Continue to breath deeply.  Your eyes may glaze, and some even become aware of the aura's that all things emit.  Your body will fill energized and you may feel a bit light headed.  At this point you will have achieved the alpha state.


    Close your eyes and feel, let yourself vibrate.  Eventually your mind will reach a frequency of between 7.8 to 12 cycles per second.


    Your Alpha state allows you to train or re-train your subconscious mind.  You do not want all your junk thoughts chipping away at your conscious efforts towards a greater self.  Now you can focus on the vibrations that constantly surround us.


    7 Cleansing Aura Techniques


    Cosmic Cleanse

    Find a place where you can lay on your back, relax and gaze upon the sky.  Let your mind expand with your vision of the vastness of the infinite.  Your body will begin to feel as though it will float away at any moment.  You will feel invigorated and free.


    Earth Cleanse

    Walk barefoot over healthy earth, letting your feet absorb the positive energy while the earth draws out the negative


    Wind Cleanse

    Stand facing a strong breeze, let the wind blow through you, cleansing you of negative energy.


    Sun Cleanse

    Find a serene place to meditate under the sun, let the light of the sun purge you of negative energies and replenish your harmonic self.

    Water Cleanse


    By far the hardest to do in today's modern age, as nearly everything

    has been tainted by modern man.  Water cleansing requires a tranquil and serene location where you can bathe and bask in serenity.


    Nature Cleanse


    This will actually work with plants as well, but trees have a greater conductivity towards drawing and dispersing negative energy while revitalizing you at the same time.  Hug a tree, free your soul.  Burning sage, and sage oil also assists in cleansing your aura.  There are many green friendly ways to assist you in cleansing your aura.  These are but a few.


    Meditation Cleanse


    Through meditation one can align oneself with the universe.  This will automatically cleanse your aura of negativity.  For more information on how to achieve this state click on the vibration link.


    As a military brat, I grew up nearly all over the world. I’ve lived and worked in Italy, Germany, as well at the United States of America. Through my experiences with a wide variety of people and cultures I have learned to develop a special paradigm for the positive aspects of change and growth.  It is through this understanding that we develop into deeper and more capable individuals. In bringing about your change and growth, my philosophy is simple: I hold to the highest level of honor and integrity while effectively guiding you. I treat you in a straight-forward, productive, and supportive manner. This is all about you. I am simply here to assist you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


    Listening to our inherent wisdom draws us toward wholeness and health. And as the body and mind address and integrate what you've been resisting and release blocks and obstacles, you become free to soar. In this process, you let go of limiting perceptions that block even greater self trust and confidence, open your heart, your passion, and your attention to your inner being and a wisdom that is always there, but not always tapped. From this space, as you live from your inner being, and include all parts of yourself, shifts then take place that unlock areas where you have been stuck and allow for greater joy.

    Nothing is beyond the Imagination

    With that in mind, we apply these concepts into every aspect of our creative process.  Together we can make something absolutely awesome.

Our services are categorized under Creative Consulting since we do a variety of services

based on your needs.


We have a small studio as well as portable photography equipment.


Our graphics department is ready and dedicated to bringing your vision into reality.





We work with you through the entire development process, and are willing to make any changes that suits your desire.

We pride ourselves with bringing your creation to you in a timely and professional fashion.


We are artists after-all, so during the initial process we will often bring new ideas towards creating a final product that will inspire..


We are also available to tweak or customize artwork or ideas that you already have available.

Emanuel Shajhef Quinton.

Published Author of the fantasy series:  Soaralis; Legends & Lore

Artist; painter, illustrator, designer, song writer, musician

Martial Artist, various Chinese Styles.


Zodiac Sign, Monkey/ Sun in Virgo with Taurus rising.


Emanuel Shajhef Quinton



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Soaralis; Legends & Lore



Book 3:  SAMSARA


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