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Namaste, may the light of fortune shine before you always.

Welcome to Soaralis; Legends & Lore.  All works within this website is copy-write ©Emanuel Shajhef Quinton; Paradigm Compass.  Nothing may be used without the express permission of the author or the administrative personnel at Paradigm Compass.

With all that being said, this site is dedicated to all things Soaralis, from the 26 different main races down to their language, culture and the ecosystem of the Soaralian star system.

The Ceanare are long lived half faerie half human type beings





Featured within will also be podcast exerts from each of the novels, spinoffs and fan fiction.

I will try to include artwork whenever possible.

Enjoy, and feel free to speak your mind.


Chamorhyn is available for purchase at Xlibris

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